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Virtual Eye is a world leader in the provision of 3D TV graphics, with over 25 years industry experience. During that time we have continually increased not only the range of delivery platforms we build to, but also the range of sports we support with our real-time tracking and visual information systems.

Swatch Freeride/Burton European Open

UCI MTB World Cup in Lourdes, France

We have had the privilege of working with Red Bull on the UCI MTB World Cup events, the Freeride World Tour events, Simple Session BMX events, Red Bull Scramble, Burton Rail Days, Burton Open and the Rio de Janeiro Carnival. Where applicable we supply fly-ins from space to the venue(s), course and circuit lengths, course stage identification, labelling for key points of interest, elevation overlays, gradient information, and level-of-difficulty color coding.

BMX Simple Session 2015 in Tallinn, Estonia

Rio Sambadrome 2016

At the New Zealand Gliding Grand Prix in 2006, we developed a system that tracked gliders and transmitted the information in real time. Our graphics displayed that information and also made racing rules easy for the general public to understand. At the 2007 Air Games we tracked gliders, hot-air balloons, hang gliders and aerobatic planes in the same manner. We entered the high octane world of powerboat racing at the 2008 UIM Class 1 World Powerboat Championship Grand Prix in Dubai. We covered Class 1 again in 2009, before focusing the attention of our tracking and real-time graphics on the UIM XCat class and it's annual World Series calendar.

XCat World Series 2015

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